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Abyss Attack

Abyss Attack is a vertical scrolling shooter that takes place in the unexplored deep ocean waters. The creatures are procedurally animated using physics simulation, which gives them great fluidity and an unique look.

Mighty Adventure

Mighty Adventure is a combination of platformer and running game in the action/adventure genre. The three playable characters each come with a unique super ability – double jump, stomp and dash.

Nelutu’ & Muc

Short animation.

Evolution Highway

The evolution rush has begun! Start the journey, in the shoes of our ancestors, from Prehistory to modern times, and who knows, what to expect from the future! But beware; you’ll face many obstacles along the road, from cute dinosaurs, to clumsy mummies or angry restaurant’s chefs. Also it’s quite possible to see U.F.O.s in the sky! They live among us!

Wisps: The Redeeming

Wisps: The Redeeming is an arcade game inspired by all time arcade classics with fast-paced action but a chilling and relaxing mood in which you, as a wisp god, use a firefly to guide your demi-god son through the dark woods in his effort to redeem the souls of the corrupted wisps that dwell there before the time runs out.


Fitsy (Intenselife, Video game)
Battle of Gods (Demoki, Video Game)
– Blast Busters (2o, Video game)
– Call Bingo (Mavenhut, Video game)
– Mighty Adventure (Pixel Trap, Video game)
-Little Dark (Andrei Voini, Video game)
-Super Space Shooter (Pixel Pie Games, Video game)
– Tap Cat (Seneka Studios, Video game)
– Climby Kitten (Balaj Marius, Video game)
– Abyss Attack (Deepbyte Studios, Video game)
– Evoltuion Highway (Prisma Games, Video game)
– Colors Arena (Mavenhut, video game)

– Bucharestless Teaser (George Dorobantu, Movie)
– Santa’s Little Helper (1++, Video game)
– Nelutu & Muc (Fratziman, Animation)
– Wisps:The Redeeming (Jungle Troll, Video game)
– Abdal Movies Production (Kuweit TV Ident)
– Real Life: The Game (video game)
– Santa Gun (Isoftbet, Video game)
– The Door (Alessandro Cubicciotti, Movie)
– Who wants to be a millionaire (Isoftbet, Video slot game)
– Rock Stars (Isoftbet, Video slot game)
– Rango (Isoftbet, Video slot game)
 – Vive la Crise (Alexei Gubenco, Animation)

– Game Show (Isoftbet, Video slot game)
– Mona Lisa Jewels (Isoftbet, Video slot game)
– Banana Jones (Isoftbet, Video slot game)
– Cult Fiction (Isoftbet, Video slot game)
– French Maid (Isoftbet, Video slot game)
– Spin City (Isoftbet, Video slot game)
– Farm Fair (Isoftbet, Video slot game)
– Romanul Brusc (Cartea Sonora, Audiobook)
– Sorin Tanase, Bancuri (Cartea Sonora, Audiobook)
– Povesti de Ion Creanga (Cartea Sonora, Audiobook)





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Hello. My name is Cosmin Mirza, I am a creative human being from Timisoara, Romania. Nice to meet you. My professional activity recommends me as a sound designer and a music composer. I create sounds and music for video games, animation, film and other adjoining media. Here you can find out more about me and my work. Have a nice stay!  

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There is this story…The child says to the mother, “When I become an adult, I want to become a musician” and she says “You can’t become both” ~ HANS ZIMMER 

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